Plants in the garden

The botanic gardens consist of a unique and beautiful combination of plant collections. The major part of the gardens is the Noah Naftulsky Ecological Garden, where the major vegetation and plant communities of Israel are being represented. Different sections show the main plant species of Israel landscapes, from the humid Mediterranean woodlands to the extreme desert.

Special collections in the gardens provide unique experience for the visitors. The Daphna Carasso Garden of Tropical Plants takes visitors into the steamy rainforest of South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The Many-Ellern Garden of Economic Plants displaying the great variety of plant species utilized by humans. The Menashe Garden of Medicinal Plants have in display some of the most important plants for human health, and the Palm House is hosting large number of tropical palm species in a specially-designed building. The Botanical garden holds one of the largest collections of succulent plants in Israel, from the strange-looking cactus species to the giant Agave.

The only place in the world where you can walk among the deepest roots of trees is The Sarah Racine Root Laboratory. This is the largest aeroponic root laboratory to date, designed for displaying and studying root systems of plants. The laboratory includes a display facility open to the public and a research facility used for advanced root research.

Seeds collection

Botanical gardens are eligible to order seeds from the seed collection of the garden. The full list is in the Index Seminum.

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