The Laboratory for Monitoring Airborne Allergens

The Ted Erison laboratory operated in the TAU Botanical Gardens, by Ms. Valentina Epstein is the only laboratory in the country that monitors airborne pollen and spores aiming to reduce their harmful effects on allergic people and by that improve public health. This is a service to the community of physicians, and some 700,000 patients in Israel who suffer from such allergies. The laboratory publishes monthly forecasts of allergenic plant blooms. These help the Physicians and their patients take precautionary measures for known allergies.

The laboratory operates two monitoring stations, in Tel-Aviv and in Jerusalem, year around. Each station has a Burkhard air particle sampler which is serviced weekly by our staff. The data collected is analyzed microscopically to identify and quantify the amounts of allergenic pollen and spores. These data serve as a basis of monthly reports of the air-pollution by airborne plant and fungal allergens.

These forecasts and monitoring reports are published monthly as a free service to the Israeli public in the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which finances the lab operations.