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Tel Aviv University Botanical Garden (est. 1973) is a center for botanical education, research, and conservation of rare and endangered plant species. On area of about 34,000 square meters, exhibition includes native flora of Israel and neighboring countries, as well as collections of plants from around the globe. The diversity of plant species, representing Israel native flora and special ecological groups, make the garden a live and dynamic museum for the various aspects of the plant world. Here, visitors from kindergarten and school kids to elders, from the general public to professionals, can enjoy and learn on the beauty of nature, as well as on ecological phenomena.

The garden acts as an outdoor class for students of Tel Aviv University, and supports researches of university faculty and students. Ecological and botanical studies are held in the garden, from ecosystem functioning to plant genetics. In addition, studies on rare and endangered plants are held in the garden, in order to apply scientific knowledge to conservation of Israel plants.

Today there are approximately 3800 plant species from Israel and the world.