Dr. Yuval Sapir – Director

PhD (2004) –  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of Evolution, Systematics and Ecology

Personal website in the Dept. of Plant Sciences

Research interests:
Plant evolutionary ecology; Pollination ecology; Molecular ecology; Floral evolution

Selected publications:

  • Watts, S., Y. Sapir, B. Segal and A. Dafni. (2013) The endangered Iris atropurpurea (Iridaceae) in Israel: honeybees, night-sheltering male bees and female solitary bees as pollinators. Annals of Botany (in press).

Sapir, Y. and R. Mazzucco. (2012) Post-zygotic reproductive isolation among populations of Iris atropurpurea: the effect of spatial distance among crosses. Evolutionary Ecology Research, 14:425-445.

Volis, S., M. Dorman, M. Blecher, Y. Sapir and L. Burdeniy. (2011) Variation partitioning in canonical ordination reveals no effect of soil but an effect of co-occuring species on translocation success in Iris atrofusca. Journal of Applied Ecology 48:265-273

Sapir, Y. and W. S. Armbruster. (2010) Pollinator-mediated selection and floral evolution: from pollination ecology to macroevolution. New Phytologist 188(2): 303-306.

Sapir, Y. (2009) Effects of floral traits and plant genetic composition on pollinator behavior. Arthropod-Plant Interactions 3: 115-129.

Sapir, Y., M. L. Moody, L. C. Brouillette, L. A. Donovan, and L. H. Rieseberg. (2007) Patterns of genetic variation and heterozygosity and candidate genes for ecological divergence in a homoploid hybrid sunflower, Helianthus anomalus. Molecular Ecology 16: 5017-5029.

Sapir, Y., A. Shmida and G. Ne’eman. (2006) Morning floral heat as reward to the pollinators of the Oncocyclus irises. Oecologia. 147:53-59.

Sapir, Y., A. Shmida and G. Ne’eman. (2005) Pollination of the Oncocyclus irises (Iris: Iridaceae) by night-sheltering male bees. Plant Biology. 7(4):417-424.

Sapir, Y., A. Shmida and O. Fragman. (2003) Constructing Red Numbers for endangered plant species – Israeli flora as a test case. Journal for Nature conservation 11(2):91-108.

Sapir, Y., A. Shmida, O. Fragman and H. P. Comes. (2002) Morphological variation of the Oncocyclus Irises in the southern Levant. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. 139: 369-382.

Arafeh, R. M. H., Y. Sapir, A. Shmida, N. Iraki, O. Fragman and H. P. Comes. (2002) Patterns of genetic and phenotypic variation in Iris haynei and I. atrofusca (Iris sect. Oncocyclus = the Royal Irises) along an environmental gradient in Israel and the West Bank. Molecular Ecology. 11: 39-53.

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